How does the Calmare MC-5A Device Work?

How does the Calmare MC-5A device work?

Patients are comfortably connected to the Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment® device via small electrodes (similar to those used in EKG and other medical procedures) placed on the patient’s skin at the pain site/s.

Calmare Device

The device then sends a very low current of electrical stimulation through the skin and nerve fibers, which carries a “no pain” signal to the brain, essentially overriding the previous pain signal.

In some cases, pain relief has been reported after the first treatment, but each patient’s case is unique.

During the 35-minute daily treatments over a two-week period,  the patient’s pain steadily decreases to allow the patient to resume normal daily activities and enjoy a rich quality of life that had previously been eroded by living with chronic pain.

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